Quality Policy Statement

Established in 1994, ERS has become a leading economic development consultancy, operating from offices in Bristol and Newcastle upon Tyne. Our experience, across a wide range of research and intervention types provides us with extensive knowledge of the strategic and contextual issues within local economic development.

ERS has a wealth of understanding in providing objective and insightful policy advice and guidance on a wide range of issues, spanning a variety of economic and social agendas. Drawing on our practical experience of developing and delivering projects, we seek to share the lessons we have learnt through the provision of well-grounded policy advice to our clients involved in delivery at all levels and across a wide variety of sectors.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with a quality service supplying informative and usable advice that supports decision making and policy development to improve effectiveness. This achievement will result in securing efficiency and enhancement of long-term profitability.

ERS view the Quality Management System as an essential company framework to ensure and enhance customer satisfaction, as well as reinforcing and enhancing the company’s reputation and image. We aim to fully understand (and wherever possible exceed) the stated requirements of our clients, colleagues and other Interested Parties.

In order to achieve this, ERS are committed to a continuous improvement culture throughout the organisation based on stated Quality Objectives and the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. We commit to the continual review and improvement of the quality management system.

We conduct an analysis of operational and strategic risks, client requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements, from this quality objectives are established to mitigate risk and enhance customer satisfaction.

Chris Barlow, Associate Director

Reg. No. 6620410935